Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Academic Blogging

I first created this blog about three weeks ago, the same night I had read Marshall McLuhan’s ‘Playboy Interview’. While reading the interview, I came across McLuhan’s definition of media, being an “extension to man’s senses”. To me, this struck a cord. I started thinking about how my blog will be an extension of myself, open for many to read my thoughts and opinions on several interesting topics. Then, it just seemed clear to me to call my blog ‘Extention of my Mind” because that is exactly what it is. But, once I finished the process of creating my blog, I froze.
It’s not that I find it hard to fill this space with content, and answer the assigned blog posts; I just did not really know how to go about posting my very first blog. I have written my thoughts and opinions on paper for class, and even in student papers, but I have never made myself so accessible to millions of people.
(Not to say that millions of people will read my blog, but there is always that s l i g h t chance.) I just did not know if I was prepared to have my words on the World Wide Web. Famous lectures, online databases and the news are on the web, so does my blog really belong? I did not think I was ready for the power for this ‘authority’.
But I am now finally ready to jump on the newest technology bandwagon, and after three weeks dwelling on my first post, I am actually excited to become a part of this online community. Hopefully, I learn to use my ‘authority’ effectively, and provoke thought within those who read this. I hope the extension of my mind, extends onto to others in an entertaining and interesting matter.

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