Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mass Media

My personal definition of the term Mass Media is:
a form of media which has the potential to reach a vast amount of people simultaneously.
This is the definition that I have concluded to after my media classes in school, and my time being an active media literate member of society.
Examples which follow my definition are newspapers – which are read by hundreds of people in a community or even city-wide, the internet - which has the potential to be read by millions, television, and even signs (such as advertisements).
From my time sitting in mass comm. I have realized that many of us pretty much had the same definition of mass media. I got this impression off of the Media Autobiographies that we did the other week. Through our presentations many people explained that their form of media (vlogs ,blogs, clothing) were those of the masses. Also, as I sat and listened to all two hours of presentations, I realized that the people themselves up there were a form of mass media too. They were up there, telling at least one hundred others about themselves, and their particular form of media.
Honestly, my definition of mass media grows all the time, because each day I am confronted with a new media text, ones that had gone unnoticed to my eye (Narcissus Narcosis anyone?) and then I add them to my never ending list.
But in the end, I do and I don’t want to fully grasp the world of Mass Media.
I do because it is so intricate that once I know one aspect better, I can understand more, and I don’t because what is better then re-opening your eyes in the world you have been born in, and understanding a new text everyday? Nothing is better then re-shaping your ideas and experiences of the media, by each day you live, each book you read, and each person you know.

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