Friday, October 3, 2008

S.L. + T.V. = <3

Before writing this entry, I did not realize how much the television controls the hours of my day. But now thinking about it, it is kind of weird of me to let this big, ugly, black box that sits in my room be a controlling force in my life. Well it’s not the specific television, is what it shows me is what I am obsessed with. I even have a television in my room so I can catch up with my old friends Ferguson and Leno right before I fall asleep.
From the top of my head, if I were to make a television diary this is how it would go:
- Every weekday morning when I wake up at 6 or 7 I watch Breakfast Television as I get ready for school or work.
- Monday night I watch three one hour shows.
- Tuesday night I watch two one hour shows.
- Thursday night I watch two one hour shows.
- And on the weekend I go on youtube and watch the shows that I missed.
- Late night on weekdays I watch Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Steven Colbert – they are my television version of an adult story time before bed.

The pathetic part is not me watching all those shows, it is how I change my work schedules and not do not make plans during prime time, because my world will stop spinning if I miss what goes on in my shows.
The largest force in particular is Grey’s Anatomy. It is now on its fifth season, and for five year I have yet to go out on Thursdays between 8 -9 p.m. I rarely even pick up my phone (unless it is a commercial). I have never missed an episode. Even though the episodes now are pretty lame and not as creative, I still watch them because it has been part of my weekly routine for so long.
I just love my television because with a click of the remote, I am connected with the rest of the world watching that show at that time. It lets be able to see what someone in Spain can see, it is a simultaneous audio/visual sensory connection.
But I am alright with being a primetime junkie; I think I got over it around season three of Grey’s Anatomy.

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