Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Participatory Culture

To consider yourself involved in participatory culture, you need not be a master at a variety of media; you don’t even need to master every angle of one medium. There even no need to spend every last penny on your medium. The point is to enjoy your medium and want to be a part of it – to want to participate in its culture. Active participatory culture involves wanting to share this certain media with others, be it your own individual song or art piece, or one of your favourties.

The medium which I am actively participating in is blogging. This is my first year of blogging, but already I feel I have learned and contributed to the online knowledge community that myself and my peers have created. I am constantly keeping myself up to date on popular blogs such as, and I even have several blogs written by my classmates which I regularly check. I also frequently post entries on my own blog. Aside from the required class posts, I tend to post things I find interesting such as youtube videos or quotations or anything really; anything I really enjoy or feel needs to be seem by others. By reading my blog, you get a taste of my thoughts and opinions and get to know a little more of me through each post.
My blogs have become part of my routine, part of what I do, and part of how I express myself.

During the 13 weeks of my short blogging career, I have started to create my own online footprint. I may only have about five followers who actually read my blog, and only about 60 people know my blog even exists, but it is still online, and part of the World Wide Web; I am now a part of the World Wide Web. It’s good to know that anyone connected to this very large blogging community could potentially read my blog. It’s a big ‘what if’ scenario, but still could happen.

At least I’m here, getting myself out in the open regardless of who is paying attention or not.

I’m an advocate, a creator, an interpreter, a reader, and an admirer.

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I. Reilly said...

I hope you continue to leave your "online footprint" for others to read.

keep writing,