Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save The Internet!

In a previous blog entry I discussed Net Neutrality the importance to protect our individuality and cultures within the World Wide Web. Perhaps, I didn’t explain it enough, perhaps at the time of writing my blog I didn’t understand it enough, but now I have come to the realization of the significance of this issue, and how a world of ‘Free Culture’ is vital to us, as individuals and as a whole society.

I came to this epiphany when I was just about to start this blog, and I realized I had to research an Activist project, and how would I do that? By using the internet. Then, I realized how was I able to write any of my other blog entries; all thanks to the internet. And how am I even ‘handing in’ these blogs? You guessed it, the internet. So if I need my comfy accessibility to the internet to make every aspect of my blogs possible, I realized the internet is definitely important. And that’s only the internet usage needed for my blogs; I use it in many other ways everyday, from keeping in touch with family and friends across the world, to reading daily news resources to know what is happening in the world and even just for fun by reading blogs on celebrity scandal and gossip.

Many of our daily online routines may not be possible for much longer. With the Net Neutrality debate, large telephone and cable companies such as AT&T and Time Warner have the option to be the ‘gatekeepers’ of the internet; being able to “discriminate” against websites that they may not agree with. If the internet is run under their wings, then they would be able to make the decisions of which websites could load at a fast or slow rate, and even not allow some websites to load at all. is a website is a huge advocate of Network Neutrality. The website offers a blog which displays up to date info and recent information on the Net Neutrality debate, the most recent being Barack Obama’s fight to keep the web neutral. The website also provides full definitions and background information on the debate, which allows any curious observers researching the subject to have all their questions answered. On the site, you are also able to research others who are apart of the coalition for net neutrality (including author Lawrence Lessig – author of “Free Culture”), and also able to donate to the cause. The best part is that the website actually includes all the press releases concerning net neutrality so it is very easy for anyone to keep up to date.

By researching and network neutrality I have come to realize that I take a strong stance in saving our internet. It is not only a huge part of my life, but it has become a large portion of our society. It is what makes us such a united nation, and it brings its users, us, closer as a knowledge community. Without our “free culture” access, we are taking a part of our society away that many people have worked so hard to get.

I leave this post with a quotation from someone I greatly respect, and who I respect even more now that I have discovered his strong stance on Network Neutrality.

“To seize this moment, we have to insure free and full exchange of information. And that starts with an open internet. …Because once providers start to privilege some applications or websites over others, then the smaller voices get squeezed out, and we all lose. The internet is perhaps the most open network in history, and we have to keep it that way.” – Barack H. Obama - Check it out. Make up your own mind.

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